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Learn why most people fall out of love and more importantly how they can fall back in love by applying some simple techniques. Understand the role that frequent unresolved arguments play in breaking down the sense of connectedness in a relationship. Identify the role that each individual plays in the resentment dynamic and how to break these cycles.

Download the "Resentment Rating Scale" below.

Do you and your spouse have frequent arguments, most of which are left unresolved? Do you feel emotionally aliented from your mate? Are your arguments more hurtful than productive? Do they include swearing, name-calling, harsh words and accusations? Does your marriage bring you little joy and you cringe at the thought of spending time with your mate? Do you have difficulty talking to your mate without conversation ending up in a fight?

Download the"Barriers to Resolving Conflict Questionnaire" below.


Barriers to Resolving Conflict Questionnaire

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Resentment Rating Scale

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